Community Preparedness

How can this be used to prepare communities and healthcare organizations to take action?

The CV19 Index shares some similarities with the CDC Social Vulnerability Index which helps officials respond to environmental or natural disasters. In the case of COVID-19, identifying a community’s more vulnerable individuals can help organizations in the following ways:

Community Preparedness

  • Identify areas with higher concentrations of vulnerable people
  • Facilitate local preparedness (e.g. hospitals, first responders, community health workers)
  • Plan for additional healthcare use
  • Plan for and coordinate efforts with other organizations

The CV19 Index is distinct from other tools in that it also supports individual and targeted outreach, which is critical as communities shift from containment to aggressive mitigation. Efforts here are only beginning to take shape, but will likely be used for targeted outreach to include:

Targeted Outreach

  • Provide information about locally-available resources (e.g. food delivery)
  • Recommend alternative activities in their area (e.g. virtual worship)
  • Identify individuals who need resource support (e.g. food, medicine, etc.)
  • Conduct regular check-ins (since social distancing is being promoted as a way to slow the spread of infections)

How you can help

We are on a mission to mobilize health care systems to more effectively target their efforts to protect the vulnerable members of their community. Creating the CV19 Index is just the start. We need your help to truly make a difference. We need your help if it’s going to actually make a difference. Let us know how you would like to get involved. Specific areas where help is needed will be updated soon. In the meantime, please email if you have questions or would like to help support these efforts.