Primary diagnosis and default CSSR

CSSR has information of whether a diagnosis is primary or not, and whether the CSSR is default or not for an admission , did you weigh in that into your input dataset somehow, or all diagnosis are equally considered in creating the last 12 months disease flags?

In our analysis, we didn’t use the primary diagnosis only, we used all CCSR categories for any diagnosis on the claim.

Thanks for letting me know about that the primary diagnosis default categories though. It looks like they wer just introduced in the 2020.2 update to CCSR, which came out last month. I wasn’t aware of that previously. I just read through the user guidance on that, and think it still makes sense for us to use the approach we had been taking. Our use does not require that we separate claims into mutually exclusive groups. In terms of comprehensively identifying clinical outcomes, using all reelvant CCSR categories seems to make the most sense.