The COVID-19 Vulnerability Index

What is the COVID-19 Vulnerability Index and why is a Vulnerability Index important?

The CV19 Vulnerability Index (CV19 Index) is an open source, AI-based predictive model that identifies people who are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19 (commonly referred to as “The CoronaVirus”). The CV19 Index is intended to help hospitals, federal / state / local public health agencies and other healthcare organizations in their work to identify, plan for, respond to, and reduce the impact of COVID-19 in their communities.

To be absolutely clear - the CV19 Index does NOT predict who will become infected with COVID-19 or geographic locations where the virus might spread. It is meant to identify people with a heightened risk of severe complications should they become infected.

Early studies from other parts of the world have shown that the risk of severe complications and mortality is higher for certain vulnerable populations, particularly people who are elderly, frail, or have multiple chronic conditions. Overall death rates were 1%, but rose to 6% for people with cancer, high blood pressure, and chronic respiratory disease; 7% for people with diabetes; and 10% for people with heart disease. Risk also rose sharply with age, with a death rate of 15% for people 80 or older.

Feedback from the community is extremely important at this vulnerable time. Start the discussion here on how this will help with community preparedness.